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Critical Developments

  • January 26, 2015
    Moroccan authorities have arrested an Algerian national thought to be a member of Jund al-Khilafa, a militant group responsible for the September beheading of a French tourist, authorities said Sunday. The operation was carried out by police near the border town of Ahfir, about 30 kilometers...
    Submitted by Jasmine Opperman
  • January 26, 2015
    Asia News Network
    Zulkifli Hir, also known as Marwan, may have been killed in a clash with government troops near Cotabato. Reports are emerging that Southeast Asia’s most-wanted terrorist, Zulkifli Hir, also known as Marwan, may have been cornered and killed in a gun battle in southern Philippines. The...
    Submitted by Norman Lihou
  • January 25, 2015
    Sky News
    Millions of homes have been plunged into darkness following one of the worst blackouts in Pakistan's history. More than 140 million people - up to 80% of the population - lost electricity after militants attacked a transmission tower and caused a massive power surge.Earlier today, disruption...
    Submitted by Norman Lihou