Basic TacticAssaults with small arms including automatic weapons, grenades or hand held explosives is one of the basic tactics employed by terrorists. During the 1970s armed attacks were the most frequently adopted terror acts until the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) successful and prolific usage of explosives in the 1980s led many other groups to follow suit. Even with their success, the LTTE never gave up armed attacks and continued to use them in conjunction with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and suicide bombers. The proliferation of the Russian Kalashnikov (AK 47) automatic rifle during the Soviet Union’s Afghan invasion, led to flooding of arms markets with assault rifles, which also coincided with growth of terror culture across the World.  Video (above):2013 A man was killed in a violent attack in the south-east London area of Woolwich. Police arrived at the scene and shot the two assailants, who according to eyewitness accounts had a…

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Rahul Bhonsle

Rahul K Bhonsle is an Indian army veteran with over three decades of counter insurgency and counter terrorism experience in India and abroad. He is presently Director of Sasia, a...