Sensational TargetTurkey's extreme-left Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) has claimed the responsibility of the suicide attack on the US embassy in Ankara on February 1, 2013. Right after the US Embassy attack, Front’s most popular website announced that “the attack was an act of self-sacrifice and the sole intent was to target US and its collaborator, the AKP Government.” Through their website they also claimed that they have the potential, dedication and willingness to punish traitors who are siding / cooperating with Imperial powers like the US, Israel and especially Turkish Security Forces, accusing the police as being a merciless tool for the AKP Government and serving the Gulen Congregation/Hizmet Movement, an Islamic Turkish influential group whose leader is living in the US. These comments can be read at,,, in both German and Turkish.For More…

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Coskun Unal

Coskun Unal is a retired Turkish Army Colonel. He joined the Turkish Special Forces as an Engineers' Lieutenant in 1992 and worked for Turkish Army Special Operations Command for 15 years,...