Cell Strategy and Terrorist Groups

DetailsStructure Depends on OrganizationCell Strategy refers to the organizational technique of dividing terrorist organizations into small sub-units that usually interact in a larger network.  Cells can be composed of anywhere between 3-10  individuals.  Many present-day terrorist organizations use some variation of cell strategy.  Cell strategy can be understood to form a continuum ranging from cells that serve as units in a broader hierarchical network to   cells that are self-sustaining units in a non-hierarchical network, depending on the interests and methods of the leadership of the organization. Photo: 2005 Cells in a microscope.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/easternblot/28379387/The three most common forms of cell strategy include thetraditional cell,the endemic cell (also known as Self Starter Cells) andthe sleeper cell. Vladimir Lenin as PioneerCell strategy is not new to terrorist organizations, although changes in the…

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Education Ph.D., Political Science, Boston University Jennifer Jefferis has worked for the College of International Security Affairs at National Defense University since July of 2010. Dr....