The current military activities of different rebel groups reply on geographic and ideological aspects divided between Tripoli, Benghazi and Fezzan as well as political Islam or separatist and nationalist ideas.Tripoli region includes the following groups:Suwwar Libya (Revolutionaries of Libya aka Libya Revolutionaries Joint Operations Room (LROR)) regards a strong alliance of insurgents who participated in the rebellion against Muammar Gaddafi regime. They are very influential in the Libyan capital and cooperate with Islamists. They are also participated in kidnapping of the former Prime Minister Ali Zaidan.Kataib Zintan (Al-Zintan Revolutionaries' Military Council (ZMC)) is active in tribal mountainous region in the southwest of the countries. The Brigade participated in liberation of Tripoli and arrested Gaddafi’s son Sayf al-Islam. The group is believed to support the former Minister Ali Zaidan and general Khalifa Haftar. The Kataib Zintan also controls the international…

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