Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB)

The Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPM) was established during 1998.  Shamil Basayev (a Chechnya para-military leader) and Ibn al-Khattab (Saudi born) took lead in the formation of the group. Leaders of the Islamic Battalion were Ibn al Khattab (killed in 2002), Abu al Walid (killed in 2004), followed by Abu Hafs al Urduni (killed in 2006). Yusuf Mohammed  (generally referred to as Mohammed) succeeded Urduni as leader,  a position used to act as link with al Qaeda's central command.

The IIPM’s membership is comprised of ethnic Chechen fighters as well as foreign fighters from the Middle East. The IIPB aims to establish an independent Chechnya state that is governed by a religious ideology derived from Wahhabism.  

Funding of Chechen Fighters

According to the US State Department, the IIPM is the principal channel for Islamic funding of the Chechnya fighters by means of direct contact with Usama Bin Laden. Reported contact between al-Khattab and Usama Bin Laden include:

  • October 1999: al-Khattab travelled to Kandahar (Afghanistan) where bin Laden agreed to provide equipment and finance to conduct terrorism and aid to the IIPM. It is during these visits that al-Khattab allegedly received training himself; and
  • The sharing of fund raising and recruitment networks, such as the 1993 Florida cell of radical Sunnis as well as Imams, namely London based Imam Abu Qatada and the Finsbury Park mosque of fellow London Imam Abu Hamza al-Masri.

Areas of Influence

Areas from which fighters originate and have a direct ideological influence on the IIPM during the Chechnya wars are: Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ingushetia, Ossetia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.


Video: 2012 Amir Khattab orignally from Saudi Arabia is a man to be rememberd, he was born in 1969 and died in March 19-20,2002. He dedicated his life to this Ummah and fought for it against the kuffar. At the age of sixteen he participated in the jihad in Afghanistan against the atheist Soviet union aggressors he lost several fingers there after a mishap with an IED. He then was made aware of the Russians invaders attacking Chechnya and persecuting the muslims there on TV.

Video: BBC Documentary, many Chechen fighters can be traced back to the IIPM.

Video: 2009 Photo Montage of Amir Khattab

Video: 2008 Shamil Basayev

Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB), also known as International Islamic Battalion, International Islamic Brigade, International Battalion, Islamic Peacekeeping International Brigade, Peacekeeping Battalion, The International Brigade, The Islamic Peacekeeping Army, The Islamic Peacekeeping Brigade is an active group formed c. 1998.

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