Mujahidin Indonesia Timur (MIT)

MIT has become the umbrella group for Indonesian militants. While terrorism experts said MIT is still some time away from becoming a more organized group, its connections and Santoso’s extremist aspirations are troubling to authorities. Although the group has evaded an intense crackdown by the authorities, it has been linked to lethal attacks on policemen, and produced homemade bombs. Authorities believe the group has recruited skilled members, such as those with IT knowledge, to hack into websites, and this group has tried making connections to Al-Qaeda. MIT’s link to JI comes through Santoso, who was the field commander of Jemaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT), JI’s successor group, which was behind the Bali bombings.


Video: 2013 Propaganda.

Video: 2013 New video message from Mujāhidīn of Indonesia Timur: “Message to the Muslims in Poso”  This video marks the first documentation of  Santoso with a clear image recorded.

Video: 2013  Related to terrorist cases of armed violence in Poso, Central Sulawesi, suspected terrorist Imran turned himself in to the Poso district police headquarters, accompanied by his parents and local religious leaders. Besides Imran, police are still hunting for the other fugitive "22" in the group led by Santoso alias Abu Wardah. They are allegedly linked to a series of murders and shootings with Brimob police in Poso.

Video: 2011 Abu Tholud, the defendant suspected in cases of terrorism.

Message from MIT

Image: 2012 Screent shot from the video. The message states, " Commander of Mujahedeen in Eastren Indonesia Dedicated to (called with) Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror.  We are as Eastren Mujahedeen Indonesia CHALLENGING to (called with) Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror to FIGHT the Open and Males. Let’s fight in Males…!!! Don’t just dare shoot and capture our members who are not armed…!!! If you really group of men, the face us…!!! Don’t you just win looks on TV…!!!  Prove that you are Elite Troops trained professionally with a full weapons and trainers were imported directly from USA…!!!  Why are you afraid to face our first small quantities, and weapons assembly...?? You invite the TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces) to deal with us, or you are just a collection of sissy...???  To the military, let us finish this Affairs ...!!!  Let Detachment vs Mujahideen who fought until the losing and who's winning, you be a good audience...!!!  Don’t be fooled you Detachment, those who eat a lot of money, but you should be hard to fight with us, while they were watching you...!!!  Let Indonesian People know, who is the real Detachment 88 Anti-Terror...!!!  They are just money eater people with the Combating Terrorism reason, they themselves who made the Terror, to be seen of it is true there are terrorists, and that all their cunning sense that gets rank and position, at the expense of the Nation People who don’t know the issues and be fooled by them.  In fact we were the Mujahideen should they have to resist, but it turns out they only dare to fight unarmed. Therefore, we are open to CHALLENGING Detachment 88 Anti Terror to Fight. Don’t you capture weak people again, resist us...!!!  WE WAIT YOUR ARRIVAL...!!!  Challenges such letter was made in good faith.  In the Name  Commander of Mujahedeen in Eastren Indonesia  Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi Al-Indunesi  ABU WARDAH aka SANTOSO aka ABU YAHYA  Allahu Akbar...... {And Glory belong to Allah, His Messenger and the Believers People, but the Hypocrites know not} Don’t forget to always pray for Mujahideen in your humility prayers  Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mujahidin Indonesia Timur (MIT), also known as East Indonesia Mujahideen, Santoso Group, East Indonesia Holy Warriors is an active group formed c. 2010.

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