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TRAC - Your Resource for All Aspects of Terrorism Studies

Our features include extensive cross-referencing that connects ideologies, tactic, targets, regions, and associated groups. Sophisticated filters facilitate identifying specific groups and activities, such as Chechen groups that specialize in suicide bombing.

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“... The most value of this database, is that [it] fills gaps in understanding origins and development of a highly complex terrorism process in the certain world region. Properly used by national and international intelligence agencies , this database could help in struggle against terror in every part of world, more then ever before. As we all know, understanding is the key of security in modern age.”
Aleksandar D.
Director at Balkan Security Agenda, Serbia
“TRAC is what terrorism research resources should look like. I am proud to have contributed entries to this state-of-the-art database. ...TRAC is the model of how to make relevant information accessible. I very strongly recommend this product to all national security practitioners.”
Sebastian G.
Special Warfare Fellow at US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Centre and School, US Army Special Operations Command Washington D.C. Metro Area
Original analyses of seminal topics such as Ideological Sources of Radical Islam, Jihadist Terrorist Groups, Terrorism and the Lone Wolf, Cell Strategy, and Gender and Terrorism (Female Suicide Missions).
An exhaustive list of 4,500+ groups known to practice or aid in terrorism and political violence. Aliases and alternative spellings facilitate researching groups that are difficult to identify.
Analyses of 92 regions most at risk for terrorist activities and attacks.
Continual news feeds from journalists, think tanks, and reliable broadcast sources.
Links to specialized databases for quick access to sites difficult to locate and navigate.
TRAC has assembled 2,800 experts worldwide to study and report on regional terrorism activities.