Television and Internet Influences on Terrorist Methods

“We are in a battle, and more than half of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media. We are in a media battle for the hearts and minds of our umma.” Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of al-Qaeda Symbiotic RelationshipTerrorism and media share a symbiotic relationship. Both are dependent on each other not only for their operations but also for their survival. Both also feed on the other for self gain. Media is a generic term for all channels of information, viz. television, radio, newspapers, magazines, film, books and the Internet. Terrorists - groups and individuals - have used print, visual and most recently the World Wide Web to propagate their agenda and gain sympathy and support for their cause. Terrorists, as conservative publisher Fred Barnes explains, exploit the normal lust of media“for breaking events of international impact, and for high drama and a human dimension to the news. Media competition, always brutal, is especially fierce in this…

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Arabinda Acharya

Arabinda Acharya is Associate Professor at the National Defense University, USA and Adjunct Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies and Manager Strategic Projects at the...