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Types of ideologies espoused by terrorist groups -- completely cross-referenced with each other as well as with targets and tactics.  To give one a 360' veiw of any one group or a general concept of that particular ideology.


Types of targets chosen by terrorists.  Cross-referenced with tactics and ideologies.

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Tactics used by terrorist groups. Cross-referenced with targets and ideologies.

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TRAC provides publication opportunities for individuals whose institutions are subscribers to the site. Publication proposals may be any length but shorter is better than longer. The work to be published may be of any length. The TRAC editorial board will review proposals and request the full manuscript (electronically) if the subject is compatible with TRAC’s mission to provide research and analysis for studies in terrorism and political violence. Authors will retain full copyright and rights to publish their work in another venue as long as it is not directly competitive with TRAC.

Inquiries and proposals may be addressed to:

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