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The ideal research tool for creating lecture material, assignments, or papers. A TRAC subscription puts the volatile world of political violence at your fingertips.

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Tracks thousands of jihadists online, actively recording & archiving primary source

300 vetted contributors embedded in conflict zones & hot spots across the globe

Five types of content adding context behind headlines

Multiple, simultaneous keyword filters allow for the most accurate search capability

Live update stream “Chatter Control” adds awareness to breaking news

Keep up with the ever-changing world of terrorism.

TRAC profiles, analyses, original research, live updates and breaking news give fresh material for lectures, papers and your own research.

  • One of the world’s largest databases of terrorists, terrorists groups, lone wolves, hate groups, and abettors of political violence
  • Profiles of vulnerable regions and cities
  • Original, analytical essays on seminal terrorism studies topics
  • Hot links that quickly navigate between concepts within articles, news feeds, and outside resources Access to political violence experts worldwide
"... The most value of this database, is that [it] fills gaps in understanding origins and development of a highly complex terrorism process in the certain world region. Properly used by national and international intelligence agencies , this database could help in struggle against terror in every part of world, more then ever before. As we all know, understanding is the key of security in modern age."
Aleksandar D.
"TRAC is what terrorism research resources should look like. I am proud to have contributed entries to this state-of-the-art database. ...TRAC is the model of how to make relevant information accessible. I very strongly recommend this product to all national security practitioners."
Sebastian G.
"In today’s world, the hybrid threat between state and non-state actors increases risk across the spectrum of conflict from warfighting to humanitarian aid and reconstruction. Consequently, now more than ever it’s critical to understand the threat in your area so you can effectively protect your people, and those you want to help. TRAC is indispensable in understanding the range of threats, by providing key insights which enable safe and effective operations across the world’s conflict areas."
LTC Dan Mulcahy, US Army Retired and Director Security Strategies for Humanitarian Operations