ISIS: Abu Sayyaf announces allegiance

Abu Sayyaf al-Ansari announced Abu Sayyaf al-Ansari allegiance to ISIS. Al-Ansari made the following statements:

  • “After the expansion of the Islamic mission from Iraq to the Levant, and its adoption of a correct path that could not be weakened or misrepresented by the decedents of Al Saloul, who are supported by the United States and by the crusaders, we decided from Tripoli to pledge allegiance to ISIL and to ally with it”;
  • “We also vow allegiance to Abu Bakr (al-Baghdadi, the Iraqi leader of ISIL) and we will be their gate to Lebanon and the Kingdom of Jerusalem,” he added, revealing that they suggested reviving cells that belong to the ISIL in the country to continue “calling for jihadism.”
  • “We only became active because the Islamic nation is losing its determination and is being shaken by the disloyalty of the Lebanese crusaders, who are endorsed by Hizbullah.”
  • “But the heroes of the 'Abdullah Azzam Brigades' tortured the defectors in general and the supporters of Iran in particular, who announced their war against Sunnis and we took our decision after we referred to a Koranic verse that allows the vulnerable that are being attacked to fight back .”
  • “We could not handle the whoredum of the devil's party (Hizbullah) at the expense of the Sunnis in Lebanon and crusaders' media campaigns portrayed us as extremists, terrorists that only cause destruction and chaos.”
  • Addressing Sunnis in Lebanon, he said: “We tell you we are your brothers, sons and servants and we assault the unbelievers with you so do not forget to be prepared.”
  • He also warned the Sheikhs in general and the members of the Committee of Muslim Ulemas in particular, urging them to endorse him.
  • “We demand you not to stab us in the back after we entrusted you with your lives,” he expressed.
  • “We ask for your advice and recommendation when we commit mistakes.”
  • He also called on Sunnis “incorrectly enlisted in the crusaders's army to fear God and to repent.”
  • “You are our brothers, and we urge you not to become a knife used by Christians and defectors to stab us with in the back.”

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