The International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals in collaboration with Terrorism Research Analysis Consortium provides terrorist data base listings for governments, security agencies, research centers, think tanks, news agencies and independent researchers working on countering the threats of political violence and terrorism.

The collaboration is part of a specialist security provider that allows independent analysis in "real time" information sourced from a variety of available materials such as government, intelligence, military, law enforcement, terrorism related institutions as well as operational field works conducted by our experts. The IACSP and TRAC command a leading counterterrorism network globally and as such provides in-depth information repository on terrorist activities.

TRAC’s annual subscription rate is $500 for individuals. For IACSP members, TRAC is offering a 20% discount to $400. 

TRAC is also discounting groups of 5 users or fewer on the same network (e.g. a single IP address).  Group pricing can be found on our IACSP order form.

To order a subscription and take advantage of these offers, click the button below.

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CATP participants are eligible for a 1-month trial and CATP graduates are eligible for a 3-month trial.  To begin, please fill out the order form here indicating your graduate ID.

For government and security agencies, as well as banks, insurance, and risk management organizations, the subscription rate is prorated to the size of the organization. For more information and/or to subscribe contact Andrin at: [email protected].