International Center for the Study of Radicalisation - ICSR

  • ICSR was launched in January 2008.
  • ICSR is a unique partnership which brings together five great academic institutionsKing's College London; the University of Pennsylvania; theInterdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Israel); the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy; andGeorgetown University.
  • ICSR affiliates include the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi and the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies in Islamabad.
  • ICSR is the first initiative of this kind in which Arab and Israeli academic institutions work together.
  • The aim and mission of ICSR is to educate the public in relation to diplomacy and strategy, public administration and policy, security and counter-terrorism and international conflict resolution. Within this area, we also educate on issues relating to political violence and radicalisation.
  • ICSR produces first-class research, addressing the most pressing questions regarding the occurrence and impact of radicalisation and political violence. Ongoing projects look at how to understand radicalisation online, improve de-radicalisation programmes in prison; and the differences between radicalisation in Europe and North America. 
  • ICSR facilitates systematic, outcome-driven dialogue, bringing together the world's leading experts with the people who can make things happen. At our launch conference, we hosted more than 400 people from more than 20 different countries, including senior policymakers and former leaders of radical organisations. In the meantime, ICSR has convened nearly three dozen seminars and workshops, as well as supported several other international forums and conferences with our expertise and input.
  • ICSR nurtures leadership. The Atkin Fellowship programme provides young leaders from Arab countries and Israel with an opportunity to learn, study and engage in constructive dialogue during a four month stay in London. The programme aims to create networks of moderate leadership among young leaders on both sides of the conflict.
  • ICSR is independent and non-partisan. All its work is published. No classified research for governments or international organisations will be undertaken.