New Profiles And Articles On TRAC

  • The Ashtar Brigades is a Shia militant group opposed to Bahrain’s ruling monarchy. Since 2013, the group has claimed credit for almost twenty attacks against security personnel in Bahrain. Consequently, on 4 March 2014, the Bahrain government listed SaA as a terrorist group.

  • During an attack on Bentiu (a key oil town), from 15 to18 April 2014, SPLM/A rebels, supported by White Army fighters, reportedly killed hundreds of civilians because of their ethnicity. In one of the mosques more than 200 people were killed and more than 400 wounded. After the rebels seized Bentiu, Dinka residents of Bor town in Jonglei state attacked a UN base on 17 April 2014 where approximately 5 000 people, mostly Nuer, were sheltering. About 58 people were killed and another 98 injured, including two Indian peacekeepers.

  • A general profile of Britons fighting in Syria indicates that they are males and females with an age ranging between 18 and 41. They have an Indo-Pakistan and South Asian background, sound integration into British society, part or head of a family, and are well educated and employed.

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