Schools of ThoughtThe schools of thought of contemporary eco-terrorism are many, but those that use an antagonist theoretical-practical approach can be identified indeep ecology,feminist ecology,Marxist ecology,primitivism,degrowth ecology,the Slow Food movement,ecology,animalism (which together with vegetarianism is a logical consequence of radical ecology) and, finally,eco-terrorism.In this sense – beyond the often demagogic rhetoric – eco-terrorism does not differ from the above-mentioned schools of thought because of its ethical-philosophical assumptions but rather by the operative procedures through which its antagonism is carried out. Therefore, an ideological community exists, whether implicit or explicit, in the main schools of thoughts of ecology and eco-terrorism. These schools of thought, however, can be associated with the idea of radical ecology.   Image: Screenshot via…

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Giuseppe Gagliano was born in Como and graduated in Philosophy from the State University of Milan. He completed the following post-graduate courses: Strategic and Intelligence Studies, International...