DestabilizationBoko Haram (BH) is pushing Nigeria’s government and its people towards a chaotic and bloody confrontation that will not only negatively impact the nation but threatens to further destabilize Sub-Saharan Africa. Known for its corruption and fraud, Nigeria has now added terrorism to its negative global image. Image: 2012 Kano, Nigera. Guns and a police helmet are displayed at a barrack after a shootout between Boko Haram in March 20, 2012. MORE ON  Boko Haram: Coffers and Coffins; A Pandoras Box - the Vast Financing Options for Boko HaramTransnational TerrorPrior to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who on Christmas day 2009 attempted to blow up a Detroit-bound flight from the Netherlands, no one would have imagined that a Nigerian would  be capable of committing an act of transnational terrorism. For More on Security and Aviation (non Military)Growth and AdaptationSince…

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John I. Papathanassiou is an international business consultant with nearly 30 years of experience in defense and security analysis in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His work with Omega...