right wing protesterRight-wing conservatism is a political philosophy that resists any change in the existing political, economic, social and religious institutions and beliefs. It aims to protect traditional values and beliefs, mainly religious, from the perceived threats of the ‘others’. The Right-wing conservatives not only presume their values and cultures superior to others, but also yearn for returning to a time of past glory. They are mainly nostalgic, and believe that the modern world is sinful.

Ethno-Nationalism and Religious Supremacy

The right-wing conservatives advocate a rigid belief in ethno-nationalism, ideology or religious supremacy. Violence is, sometimes, justified because the group believes that it is protecting the unity and purity of the ethnic group, race, ideology or religion. They firmly believe that they are on the right path and final victory, with the divine help, will be theirs. They also “act on behalf of national groups, regional minorities, religious fundamentalists, or other groups with a distinctive identity. This identity is championed as being more legitimate, more sacred, or otherwise superior to other identities.” (Gus Martin, 2003, p.163).

It is imperative to study and analyze the beliefs and behavior of the right-wing conservative groups, as well as the ideological justification for the perpetration of terrorist activities in order to combat this unique type of group, and to understand that this new type of terrorism cannot be deterred with traditional counter-terrorism measures, which are associated with the use of brutal force.

This analysis is divided into four major parts. The first part deals with origin and development of the term ‘Right-wing conservatism’. Part two discusses the case studies, particularly the Right-wing conservative movements in the West, especially in Europe and the US, on the one hand, and in the Muslim World, especially in the Middle East and South Asia, on the other. Part three traces the linkage between Right-wing conservative Islamic movements and international terrorism, perpetrated by the Al-Qaeda. And finally, the fourth part gives a concluding analysis. 

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