Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK)

The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (Teyrebazen Azadiya Kurdistan or TAK) objective is to oppose Turkey’s repression of the Kurdish minority. “The military bureaucracy, economy and tourism are our top priority targets, while terror of state is not stopped [sic].” carried out its first attacks in 2004. The early bombings were largely small and non-lethal, but from 2005 onwards TAK launched more deadly attacks. In July that year it bombed a minibus in the western Turkish holiday resort of Kusadasi, killing at least five people including a British woman and an Irish woman. It is unclear if TAK is an armed wing of the KGK / PKK or if it is a splinter group led by commanders who have split from the KGK/PKK because of dissatisfaction with its tactics.IdeologyTAK was reportedly founded within the the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and refers to Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned head of the PKK, as its leader. TAK split from the PKK follows criticism against the PKK's “passive struggle…

Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), also known as Kurdish Vengeance Brigade, Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, Kurdistan Freedom Falcons Organization, TAK, Teyrbazen Azadiya Kurdistan, Kurdistan Liberation Hawks is an active group formed c. 2004.
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